As a team, we base our decisions using the engineering design process as a model.  We discuss, chart, analyze and review ideas as well as pros and cons for each of these ideas.  All ideas are heard and discussed as we feel that everyone’s thoughts are valued.

Then using logic and what makes sense for the team, we communicate and make those decisions together rather than through individual votes. This thinking and decision making process helps us to decide which team name to use this year, the team logo design, robot game strategy, robot design, jobs we have during meetings and events, and the direction of the project and team.  Through this process, we become more independent and are able to solve problems more efficiently as the season progresses.

In deciding a team name, we wrote down pros and cons for keeping the same team name used during the FLL “Senior Solutions” season.   We chose to keep “ROBOLUTION” for several reasons.  First, we all like the name.  Second, we feel it is descriptive of what we want to achieve:   “Through robotics, we will make a revolution in STEM.”   Third, the team name is known in the community both locally and globally.  Also, it is easier for marketing, and we don’t need to change the team website and therefore, save time.

To create this year’s team logo design, we chose to keep the basics of the design from last year’s logo but incorporated new ideas.  We kept the design for the team name and the large gear which encircles the name.  We also kept the flag idea but changed it to six flags to show we have six members.  Like last year, we thought at least one robot would be useful to show that we are a robotics team.  The robot holding the brain in the team logo design below is to show that “through robotics, we solve problems.”

ROBOLUTION 2013-14 - Team Logo - Draft 3

Click on this file to see a higher resolution version used for the shirt:  ROBOLUTION 2013-14 – LOGO – Gold (Revised).


We used a logical reasoning process to decide our team logo design for this year.

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NF_logo NF_orangebar

As part of the FLL “Nature’s Fury” Challenge, we are challenged to conduct a research project which involves these steps:

  • choose a community where a natural event could cause a natural disaster (city, village, town, county, district, a place where we live or where someone we know was or can be affected by a natural disaster, or a place affected by a natural disaster which was reported in the news)
  • choose a natural event that can become a natural disaster
  • study how communities prepare for and stay safe during a natural disaster and also rebuild the community after a natural disaster happens
  • study the problems associated with the natural disaster
  • choose a problem related to the natural disaster
  • come up with an innovative solution to the problem
  • talk to experts as primary sources of information
  • share our findings including our solution to the community

We learned that a natural disaster is a natural event that causes damage.  Examples of natural events that can become a natural disaster include earthquakes, typhoons, tsunamis, wildfires, storms (rain, snow, sleet, ice, sand, wind, blizzards), hurricanes, tornadoes, cyclones, avalanches, land slides, floods, and volcanic eruptions.

Please, go to our NATURE’S FURY PROJECT tab to read about what we’ve learned about natural disasters.


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FLL Logo hi resAfter taking some time off during the late summer, we are back as ROBOLUTION, the 2013-14 FIRST LEGO League (FLL) “Nature’s Fury” robotics team.  This is our second year as the FLL team, “ROBOLUTION.”

This school year, ROBOLUTION decided to re-think its team format and goals but still focus on inspiring the community.  As a late-start team, we chose to use a club format while incorporating the FLL model.  That is, while we participate in completing the FLL Challenge, we also include robot enrichment projects that are not part of the FLL Challenge, continue to grow in our knowledge of the robot design process and also learn how to use the new LEGO Mindstorms EV3 (EV for EVOLUTION) platform.

This year, ROBOLUTION is still made up of six students, half males and half females.   Our grades range from fifth grade to seventh grade.  We are a culturally diverse team made up of various international backgrounds including Vietnamese, Indian, Ukranian, Japanese, Filipino, and Lebanese.  Each of us has at least one year of FLL experience, so we capitalize on our veteran experience by being more independent in decision making, team work and problem solving.  Each of us bring a unique aspect, skill and talent to the team which makes the team both interesting and strong.

The FLL theme this year is natural disasters, where FLL teams from around the world are challenged to study natural disasters and to come up with an innovative solution to a problem related to a specific natural disaster.   Like other FLL teams, ROBOLUTION will learn how to prepare for and stay safe during a natural disaster and also learn how communities rebuild after a natural disaster happens.  Are you ready for the FLL “Nature’s Fury” Challenge?  ROBOLUTION IS!IMG_1511

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Though you may not have heard from us in a while, ROBOLUTION has been hard at work and we have lots of exciting news to share.

First off, let’s talk about the FLL Global Innovation Award (“GIA”).  With the support of our families, friends and communities, ROBOLUTION landed in the top ten teams with the most on-line votes (9th place).  Amazing!  Thank you to everyone who lent their time, energy and computer power.

Teams that applied for the GIA were also eligible to win either a mentorship with Edison Nation, or the opportunity to present their “senior solution” at the AARP National Event & Expo:  Life@50+, held in Las Vegas May 30 – June 1.  Out of 477 worldwide teams, ROBOLUTION received the honor of winning the AARP prize based on the merit of our idea.  This opportunity included displaying our proposed solution to preventable dehydration, the HydroBand, at a booth in the exhibit hall (which was attended by nearly 20,000 people over three days).  The team was also invited to deliver a 10 minute pitch to venture capitalists, investors and consumers.  After six weeks of practice, practice and more practice, ROBOLUTION set out for the convention with three main goals:  to raise awareness about the problem of dehydration, to spread the word about STEM and FIRST, and to have fun!

At the event, the team enjoyed speaking to many people who generously shared their personal stories of how dehydration has affected their lives.  ROBOLUTION realized that, although we are young, we can help make a difference.  All our hard work paid off, and we delivered the pitch exactly as planned.  It was very rewarding because not only were we congratulated for being prepared and professional, but people also respected the science behind our idea and we garnered additional credibility as young scientists.

Reaching this point has definitely been a collaborative effort, and ROBOLUTION would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the many people involved in our journey.  From the AARP coordinators, FIRST representatives and our High Tech High Holy Cows mentors, to the community members who graciously offered their expertise on our field trips, to our families, friends and supporters, we are so grateful for everything.  A very special thank you to Ms. Lisa Suennen for her wonderful article that perfectly captures the FLL experience and the excitement of the AARP event (check it out at  And finally, cheers and high fives to our coach, Mrs. Anna Lozar, whose guidance, dedication and encouragement inspire us to be our very best.

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June 9, 2013 · 5:11 am

Supporting CHS FTC Teams Bambusa, Buffalo Wings and other FTC Teams

Fast-paced action, intense competition, roaring crowds – think these words describe the latest Lakers game?  Actually, we experienced all these things and more when Robolution attended the San Diego Regional FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Championship Tournament held on February 23, 2013 at Madison High School in San Diego.  Robolution got a glimpse of life as an FTC team when they attended the event to support Carlsbad High School FTC teams Bambusa and Buffalo Wings.  Not only was it exciting to cheer on these talented teams, but it was also inspiring to watch Bambusa and Buffalo Wings in action because they have served as mentors for many robotics clubs and FLL teams in the area.  Robolution was lucky to get an up-close look at the robots in the team pits, and was amazed to discover that Xbox controllers were used to maneuver the robots through the FTC Robot Game “Ring It Up.”  To score points, the robots were competing against each other to retrieve and place rings in designated areas.  However, the format of the tournament involved teams pairing up in alliances and, often, more points could be earned by working together.   The FIRST Core Values were put into action with all teams displaying Gracious Professionalism, Coopertition and, above all, having FUN!

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Team Robolution would like to thank all their supporters throughout our FLL season and during the FLL Global Innovation Award voting.  We were so excited to finish 9th in the top 10 most voted ideas at the end of the online voting period.  We found out on April 1 that we were in the top 20 semi-finalists, who are being considered for the top three finalists.

No matter what the outcome is, we are very grateful to have been given the opportunity to further the awareness about dehydration in the elderly and the HydroBand and also to promote STEM/FIRST.   Also, we are glad that the community, both locally and globally, took time to vote and promote our team and other teams.  We are all winners, and we wish everyone the best of luck now and in their efforts to develop their “Senior Solution.”

Please, visit to see the top 20 finalists.

Please, visit for further updates regarding the FLL Global Innovation Award.



ROBOLUTION, FLL Team 3096, The HydroBand

We appreciate everyone's support of our team!  A big thank you from Robolution

We appreciate everyone’s support of our team! A big thank you from Robolution

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The HydroBand and the FLL Global Innovation Award, Robolution, Team 3096


ROBOLUTION would like to thank all its faithful blog followers, team supporters, people we’ve met during our FLL experience, and FIRST.  So far, it has been a wonderful journey filled with hard work, good friends and lots of fun.  Now, as Robolution prepares to take the next step, we need your help.

For the last six months, Robolution has been working on the FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Challenge.   The FIRST program is based on the philosophy that kids are inherently creative, so give them a real-world problem and see how they solve it.  This year’s FLL theme is Senior Solutions, and teams were challenged to identify a problem that seniors face and develop a solution to address the problem and enable seniors to remain active, engaged and independent.

Robolution identified dehydration as a significant problem facing seniors.  Because of age-related physiological changes, many seniors are unable to remain adequately hydrated on their own.   This can lead to serious problems such as hospitalization, fainting episodes, and even death.  After learning about current hydration monitors, transdermal patch and biosensor technology, and the emerging field of flexible electronics, Robolution designed the HydroBand, a non-invasive continuous transdermal electrolyte/sodium sensing hydration monitor and fluid intake reminder wristband for the elderly.  Wearing the HydroBand will improve the lives of seniors and allow them to remain active and independent and decrease the risk of dehydration and its many serious consequences.

As the idea developed, Robolution realized that the HydroBand has the potential to benefit many segments of the population, including athletes, patients prone to dehydration due to medications or disease, patients who are hospitalized, travelers to arid climates or high elevations, and others in an unlimited number of situations.  By providing a means to continuously monitor hydration levels, many individuals would avoid trips to the emergency room, thereby reducing the strain on the medical communities’ resources.

To bring the HydroBand one step closer to reality, Robolution is applying for the FIRST LEGO League Global Innovation Award.  This Award is designed to encourage and assist FLL teams to further develop their innovative solutions to real-world problems.  If Robolution wins, it would receive a cash prize used to take their idea to the next level, and the opportunity to visit the United States Patent and Trademark Office in Alexandria, Virginia.  In addition to evaluating the teams’ solutions, the Global Innovation Award considers the number of on-line votes an idea receives, and this is where you come in.

Starting at noon EST, February 11, 2013, and running to March 1, 2013, please visit

and vote for FLL Team ROBOLUTION, #3096, HydroBand.   You can vote multiple times per day, every day of the voting period, and we hope you do!


We appreciate your time and efforts in supporting the team in the FLL Global Innovation Award (GIA) competition through voting and promoting the team’s invention idea, the Hydroband.  The efforts of our friends, families, and support network are also appreciated.

Please, be sure to use fair voting practices and also to gently remind your support network the rules regarding fair voting practices for the Global Innovation Award competition.  Those rules are mentioned below verbatim and can also be found at

If you use social media such as Facebook or Twitter, please, gently rem folks of the rules.  As our team understands and focuses on the importance of the Core Values, we would like to be sure we emphasize to our constituents to practice Gracious Professionalism by voting fairly and by spreading the word about the GIA voting rules.

Everyone’s efforts are applauded in celebration of Robolution’s accomplishments, dreams, and goal to make a difference in the world by helping improve the lives of the elderly.

Thank you, in advance, for supporting us and helping to make the HydroBand a reality.  Best of luck to all teams!



How do you vote for a submission? Who can vote? How often can you vote?

Anyone can vote! Online vote totals will show popularity of an invention, but they are not the only factor that will determine the finalists or winners.  See “How will the winners be determined?” above for further details.

Click on a team invention either through the “Search for Teams” page located in the main menu or through the “Leader Board” on the left side of the screen. Click on the “Vote” button on the bottom of the invention page, and then answer the CAPTCHA question to record your vote for that invention.

Voting is unlimited. You may vote for as many inventions as you would like, and vote as many times as you like each day.

Please make sure that all teams and supporters are being “gracious professionals” by respecting the other teams and using fair voting practices (i.e. automated voting bots are NOT allowed) during the submission/voting process. It is important that all teams involved in the FLL Global Innovation Award continue to maintain the integrity of the FLL program.  If a team is found using unfair voting practices their submission may be disqualified from the award.

Note: In order to protect the integrity of the voting process each person must answer a CAPTCHA question in order to cast a vote. If you do not understand the question, simply refresh the webpage to receive a different CAPTCHA.

Note: If your team is logged into the system you will NOT be able to vote. Voting only occurs when the team is logged out.

How can a team promote their invention?

Any way you want! Post a link on a team blog, tweet about it, and spread the word among your social network. Get family and friends involved. Tell them where/how to find your submission on the site. Vote early and often!

Please make sure your team and supporters are being “gracious professionals” by respecting the other teams and using fair voting practices (i.e. automated voting bots are NOT allowed) during the submission/voting process. It is important that all teams involved in the FLL Global Innovation Award continue to maintain the integrity of the FLL program.  If a team is found using unfair voting practices their submission may be disqualified from the award.

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