FLL 2012-2013 Senior Solutions Kickoff Meeting

Celebrating our FLL 2012-2013 “Senior Solutions” Kickoff Team Meeting –
We are a team: Nick, Theo, Sanjiv, Sara, Aiko, and Katrina

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Hi, we are the FIRST LEGO League (usfirst.org) or FLL team called Robolution!  We are a group of six friends from the same school.  We started as a Junior FLL team during last years JFLL Snack Attack season as the Snack-O-Bots.  Over this summer we learned how to program and test LEGO Mindstorms NXT robots called Taskbots. We thought the line following was cool!!!  We learned a lot about gears and gear ratios.

The 2012-2013 FLL season theme this year is called “Senior Solutions,” where we will learn about aging and try to find a solution to problem that seinors face so that they can be independent, connected and engaged.  On August 22, we took a field trip to Kaiser Permanente to visit a doctor to ask him questions about what challenges seniors face.  He talked about mobility, transportation, driving, daily tasks, social challenges and other topics.

Aug. 28 was the Challenge release.  We went over the Robot Game missions and picked a team name.  There were many good ideas but we voted to call ourselves “Robolution.” We are very excited about the Challenge!

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