9/12/12 Team Meeting – Visit from FTC Team 5015

Sep 12, 2012 Meeting

Tyra and Ray from the Carlsbad High School FIRST Tech Challenge team, “Buffalo Wings, “ came to our meeting to talk about Gracious Professionalism, some examples and why it is an important Core Value.  They showed us a video about a softball player who hit a home run but she hurt her knee and could not walk to base.  The umpires said that if she uses a pinch hitter, the score would only count as a single.  If her teammates help her go around the bases, the hit would not count.  So, the other team picked up the hurt player and let her touch all the bases so she could score the home run, which made her team win.

Tyra and Ray also helped us brainstorm questions for our field trip on Friday to the Road Runner running store this Friday.  We are going to interview the people who work there to find out more about hydration monitors.  We came us with these questions.

Road Runner Field Trip Interview Questions

  1. What is dehydration?
  2. How do you know if someone is dehydrated?
  3. What is the solution for dehydration? (What should we do if we become dehydrated?)
  4. How much water does a person need to drink?
  5. How much water does a runner or someone who exercises need to drink?
  6. How often does a runner need to drink water?
  7. Why is being hydrated important?
  8. Is thirst a good way to tell if someone is dehydrated?
  9. Can someone drink too much water or liquid?
  10. What is the difference between drinking water and drinking Gatorade?
  11. What are electrolytes?
  12. Can a runner just drink water? If not, why not?
  13. If someone becomes dehydrated, would it be dangerous to drink a lot of liquid too quickly to replace the water the person lost?
  14. What are the ways runners use to measure their hydration levels?
  15. Do you have a meter or device or monitor that measures hydration?
  16. Could you please, show us an example and explain how it works.
  17. What does this monitor measure?
  18. Is it easy to use? How much does it cost?
  19. Who would use this hydration monitor?
  20. Do you think a senior citizen could use it?
  21. Do have any ideas for hydration monitors if you were to invent one?
  22. Are there any other hydration monitors in the market that are not available   here?
  23. Do you have a hydration monitor/pedometer?
  24. Do you see a lot of people over the age of 50 walking into your store?
  25. Are there a lot of senior runners?
  26. Is the need for water greater for seniors than in young adults?
  27. Do you get any professional athletes coming to your store?


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