San Diego Science Alliance (SDSA) Robotics Expo

On Saturday, October 6, two members from Robolution participated in the Student Showcase at the San Diego Science Alliance (SDSA) Robo Expo at the Cuyamaca College in El Cajon.  We demonstrated the mini programming challenges with Taskbots and the FLL “Senior Solutions” Robot Game with Toby and Rocky, our competition bots that we built, programmed and named. 

We also presented facts about dehydration in the elderly, the LEGO Mindstorms NXT sensors, what robots are, and the mathematics we used to solve programming challenges.  To test if spectators were listening to our oral presentation or if they read our posters, we played a game where they would spin a wheel and answer a question related to the number where the spinner would stop at.  If the person got the answer right, we gave a small prize.  If the person got the answer wrong, we still gave a prize for effort.

We also met other FIRST teams like the FTC teams called Robo Chicks and Shockwave.  We even sat on top of a robot giraffe! Overall, everyone was so nice to us and we had a really fun time.  We think it was such a grand public speaking experience that we would want to speak at more events.  We realized how much fun it is to promote STEM and FIRST.

SDSA Robotics Expo Flyer

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