UCSD Bio-Sensors Lab Field Trip

On Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2012,  we went to UCSD bio-sensor lab and met Dr. Gough.  His research is about a continuous glucose monitoring bio-sensor which is implanted in the skin of a person and it measures glucose in the person’s body for a year.  This helps people because they don’t have to prick themselves every day.  Dr. Gough gave us a tour of the lab he works at and told us what every room was for.  He told us that every year,  they would attach little wires which had bio-sensors in them to seals and turtles so that he and his team could keep track of where those seals and turtles were swimming.  We interviewed Dr. Gough and asked him questions.  We learned that there are bio-sensors and we also learned that working in a science lab must be super fun from what Dr. Gough said.  Meeting Dr. Gough and visiting UCSD Bioengineering campus was a very exciting experience.

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