Escondido Battalion Sea Cadets

On Saturday, November 17, 2012, our team gave a formal powerpoint presentation to the Escondido Battalion Sea Cadets.  The presentation was about the FLL program, FLL Challenge and FLL Core Values.  We also showed the ZOOM promotional video about the FLL Challenge, which shows an older team going through the FLL season.  Then we demonstrated Rocky, our competition robot, doing the missions of the Senior Solutions Robot Game and Taskbots doing the mini challenges on smaller mats.

We invited the high school team called “Team Paradox,” from the Encinitas San Dieguito Academy, who also gave a formal powerpoint presentation about the high school robotics program called FRC, which is FIRST Robotics Competition.  This team and another FRC team called the “Warlords” also demonstrated their robot from a previous competition.

The commanding officer of the Sea Cadets gave a talk about the Sea Cadets program.  The Sea Cadets that were there did a drill for us.  So, that day was a sharing of ideas and we met a lot of nice people.  The Sea Cadets were interested in starting in their own team.  Our goals were to learn and teach and also inspire.

It was inspiring to know that two of the Sea Cadets were in FLL.  It was no surprise, since they displayed Gracious Professionalism.  In fact, the Sea Cadets were very gracious and professional.  Everyone enjoyed learning from each other.

DSC00751DSC00934DSC00908 - cropped DSC00930 - cropped




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