FLL Qualifying Tournament – San Dieguito Academy, Encinitas

On November 4, 2012, Robolution attended an FLL Qualifying Tournament at San Dieguito Academy.  That morning the team was excited and, to be honest, a little nervous.  After months of practice and preparation, this was the first time that Robolution would be presenting to real judges and competing against other teams.  The day’s schedule included robot judging, project judging, Core Values judging, and three rounds of the robot game.

Our coach, mentors, families and friends were there to support us, but we knew that it was time for us to do this on our own and we felt ready.  After each presentation, our confidence grew.  The life skills we had been practicing, such as public speaking, problem solving and critical thinking, helped us do our best.  The robot game was very exciting.  Each round was two and a half minutes long, and that time flew by.  With pompoms and placards, our teammates cheered us on.

After a morning of hard work, it was time to have fun.  The emcees of the event told jokes, played great music, and everyone danced “Gangnam Style.”  The big finale of the day was the awards ceremony.  Teams won awards in the categories of robot design, research project, Core Values and robot game.  To our great surprise, Robolution’s name was announced last as the winner of the Champion’s Award, presented to the team with the highest overall score.  We went wild!  It felt great that we worked together as a team to achieve our goals, and most of all, we had fun doing it.

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