Team Robolution would like to thank all their supporters throughout our FLL season and during the FLL Global Innovation Award voting.  We were so excited to finish 9th in the top 10 most voted ideas at the end of the online voting period.  We found out on April 1 that we were in the top 20 semi-finalists, who are being considered for the top three finalists.

No matter what the outcome is, we are very grateful to have been given the opportunity to further the awareness about dehydration in the elderly and the HydroBand and also to promote STEM/FIRST.   Also, we are glad that the community, both locally and globally, took time to vote and promote our team and other teams.  We are all winners, and we wish everyone the best of luck now and in their efforts to develop their “Senior Solution.”

Please, visit http://fllinnovation.firstlegoleague.org/semi-finalists to see the top 20 finalists.

Please, visit http://fllinnovation.firstlegoleague.org/ for further updates regarding the FLL Global Innovation Award.



ROBOLUTION, FLL Team 3096, The HydroBand

We appreciate everyone's support of our team!  A big thank you from Robolution

We appreciate everyone’s support of our team! A big thank you from Robolution

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