Supporting CHS FTC Teams Bambusa, Buffalo Wings and other FTC Teams

Fast-paced action, intense competition, roaring crowds – think these words describe the latest Lakers game?  Actually, we experienced all these things and more when Robolution attended the San Diego Regional FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Championship Tournament held on February 23, 2013 at Madison High School in San Diego.  Robolution got a glimpse of life as an FTC team when they attended the event to support Carlsbad High School FTC teams Bambusa and Buffalo Wings.  Not only was it exciting to cheer on these talented teams, but it was also inspiring to watch Bambusa and Buffalo Wings in action because they have served as mentors for many robotics clubs and FLL teams in the area.  Robolution was lucky to get an up-close look at the robots in the team pits, and was amazed to discover that Xbox controllers were used to maneuver the robots through the FTC Robot Game “Ring It Up.”  To score points, the robots were competing against each other to retrieve and place rings in designated areas.  However, the format of the tournament involved teams pairing up in alliances and, often, more points could be earned by working together.   The FIRST Core Values were put into action with all teams displaying Gracious Professionalism, Coopertition and, above all, having FUN!

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