As a team, we base our decisions using the engineering design process as a model.  We discuss, chart, analyze and review ideas as well as pros and cons for each of these ideas.  All ideas are heard and discussed as we feel that everyone’s thoughts are valued.

Then using logic and what makes sense for the team, we communicate and make those decisions together rather than through individual votes. This thinking and decision making process helps us to decide which team name to use this year, the team logo design, robot game strategy, robot design, jobs we have during meetings and events, and the direction of the project and team.  Through this process, we become more independent and are able to solve problems more efficiently as the season progresses.

In deciding a team name, we wrote down pros and cons for keeping the same team name used during the FLL “Senior Solutions” season.   We chose to keep “ROBOLUTION” for several reasons.  First, we all like the name.  Second, we feel it is descriptive of what we want to achieve:   “Through robotics, we will make a revolution in STEM.”   Third, the team name is known in the community both locally and globally.  Also, it is easier for marketing, and we don’t need to change the team website and therefore, save time.

To create this year’s team logo design, we chose to keep the basics of the design from last year’s logo but incorporated new ideas.  We kept the design for the team name and the large gear which encircles the name.  We also kept the flag idea but changed it to six flags to show we have six members.  Like last year, we thought at least one robot would be useful to show that we are a robotics team.  The robot holding the brain in the team logo design below is to show that “through robotics, we solve problems.”

ROBOLUTION 2013-14 - Team Logo - Draft 3

Click on this file to see a higher resolution version used for the shirt:  ROBOLUTION 2013-14 – LOGO – Gold (Revised).


We used a logical reasoning process to decide our team logo design for this year.

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