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Pacific Rim Elementary Mentoring

On Nov. 29, 2012, we visited Pac Rim Elementary to talk with the LEGO robotics club, which has two dozen students.  The school had a LEGO robotics club for two years but has not participated in FLL.  By demonstrating Rocky to complete missions in the Senior Solutions game and talking about all the great things about being in FLL, we hoped to inspire the club to start a new team or two.  The students had great questions and they were so gracious for listening to us.   They were also very thankful for the team wristbands we passed out.


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Apple FLL Showcase Event

On November 28, 2012, our team helped set up the Apple FLL Showcase for four other FLL teams.  Instead of showcasing our work, we instead mentored the other teams by overseeing some of the stations like the Robot Taskbot and Robot Game stations.

There were four stations.  Station 1 was the Robot Design and Taskbot Station.   Teams had the chance to talk about their robot design or demonstrate basic programming challenges and discuss sensors with pre-programmed Taskbots.  We taught the other FLL students how to operate Taskbots and concepts in programming and sensors.  They in turn would teach spectators at the event.  Station 2 was the Project Station, where teams got to talk about their project.  Station 3 was the Core Values Station, where the teams talked about their Core Values Poster.  We asked students some possible Core Values questions to help them prepare for the tournament.  Station 4 was the Robot Game, where teams demonstrated their competition robot for the Senior Solutions game.  We timed the teams to help them take turns demonstrating their robot and reset the field each time.  We also cheered the teams on as they operated their robot during 2.5 min rounds.

Our mentors from the high school team, Buffalo Wings, were also there to help lead the event.  Everyone was so nice and we all agreed that it was so much fun and a terrific collaborative experience!

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